How the San Diego locksmith is different than it was 25 years ago.

There is a major difference between how the San Diego locksmith business was 25

years ago and how it is now. As long-time veterans in the locksmith business, we

have a unique take on the changes witnessed in the locksmith industry over the

last couple of decades or so and have adapted to every new development.

One remembers how, in the past, when someone needed a lock, they had to go to a

San Diego locksmith for it. Now, that is no longer the case – you can get a lock from

the internet, from Wal-Mart, a home improvement store, from a security consultant

or a home automation company.

So where does that leave the humble

San Diego locksmith

? The San Diego

locksmith, like every other professional working for a traditional business in the

United States, has had to adapt. San Diego locksmiths have been more than able

to keep up with the technological changes seen recently.

We have needed to upgrade our skills and learn about the latest technologies such

as keyless entry locks, card access systems, smart locks, biometric locks and so on.

It is no longer enough for people from our profession to know how to help people

who have been locked out of their car or need their car key replaced.

An automotive locksmith in San Diego who does not know how to work with the

new fancy transponder keys and cannot program a transponder key can’t survive

for long in his profession. As a San Diego locksmith, you must upgrade your skills,

or risk losing your customers to newer, smarter and technologically more adept


Even the traditional locks of old have changed. San Diego locksmiths have to be

familiar with smart locks, which are locks that can be controlled remotely from a

smartphone app, based on the concept of the Internet of Things.

San Diego locksmiths have had to learn about keyless entry locks. This is new type

of lock that features a touch screen panel for entering the password for locking or

unlocking a garage, for example. No key is needed. Most cars come with keyless

entry fobs and transponder keys.

San Diego locksmiths need to be familiar with card access systems as well, which

are used in most offices, hotels, rental properties and apartments these days. It is

no longer enough for a San Diego locksmith to be knowledgeable about the

mechanics of a typical lock and key system. They need to well versed in electronics

and know a bit of programming as well.

However, a San Diego locksmith should still know how to work with a mechanical

lock and key system as a majority of homes, businesses and shops still use

traditional locks, such as deadbolts. A modern day professional locksmith should

have lock picking skills – the same as his predecessors from over 25 years ago. The

basics of locksmithing have not changed and remain relevant even today.

According to the stats available at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the

locksmith industry is poised for a steady growth and there will be as many as

24,800 licensed locksmiths in the country by 2018. That’s up by 12% since 2008,

which is not bad. Sure, there are fewer locksmiths today than there were in 1990,

but this is still a good business to be in, with a decent earning potential.

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