Is mold lurking where you don’t even know it?

Mold is one of the leading cause of respiratory illness and other health problems in the world. With tens-of-thousands of different kinds of mold from the furthest reaches of the planet it is amazing how mold has not taken over the world by now. – Or maybe it already has.



Mold is all over the place!

Mold is everywhere. It’s in the bathroom at the ballpark, the sink at school and the kitchen floor. Everyday it is a never-ending battle to keep mold at bay. From the latest mold removing products, bleach, rubbing alcohol and vinegar, mold still seems to want to creep back into your life.



Toxic mold is lurking when you’re not looking.

Most American homes are generally well-maintained and mold is kept at bay. In other homes where there has been flooding, a leaking roof, humid environment or water penetration there could be toxic mold lurking. From the slight scent of it creeping from under the carpet, to the aged wood rot mold smell, mold is never something you want creeping while you sleep.



Mold hides a deadly secret.

Have you ever asked yourself if you were willing to just sit there wondering if your health related issues were caused by mold? Did you know that there are mold species that are nearly transparent yet are 100 times more deadly than the mold that you see here and there?



You might have toxic mold in your home and not know it.

While there are countless mold strains there are only 10 that are deadly or toxic to your family. Do you know which strains are toxic and what to look for? No mold is good in a home living environment. Any of the household products do help combat mold but in some cases the mold might be so bad that the property may be considered unsalvageable.



Home inspections – a good idea for ultimate health

If you care concerned with the toxic effects that mold is having on your family then a home inspection might be a good idea. Home inspectors specialize in testing mold. Some species of mold are much more toxic, but are very difficult to get rid of, while others are benign and easy to remove. The home inspector that you choose to hire will have all the answers.


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