Best Depressing Quotes About Love

An episode of depression is a deep understanding of human frailty.


In depression we love our faults and completely ignore our qualities.

But a record of depression!
More smothered words
Caught in the throat
Poisoning the heart!
This negative energy that emanates from you
Unfortunately also it infects me
Taking me to reflect
Is this also me?


The reality of depression
Are diverse conditions
Go beyond perverse
But relieve suffering


The cure of depression is unpredictable
Some say antidepressants
I say a hug from a friend
Others say it is something impossible.


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Depression It is the human being far from himself, it is the non-acceptability of the losses and the damages imposed by his own existence.


It’s easier to blame people for depression than to acknowledge their disinterested progress …


#Depression is overcome, when you realize that you are with her and she is killing you.
So you try to be stronger even when people despise you. Only lives who knows, only knows who lives.


Get free and be who you are, do not freeze in a lake of pain and depression, have faith, trust in yourself, find a light within your heart and try to lighten the rest of your body.


with me depression does not survive, because of god, i have science and notion.


Madness is the greatest antidote to depression.


A man or a parent is doomed to depression if he has no EDUCATION of Truth


Depression robs the living of the will to live by making the living feel dead.


Nobody bleeds for nothing. But there are those who secretly, silently, solitarily bleed. Depression is a type of internal bleeding; Only it is the soul that bleeds.


Oppression, apprehension, compression, contraction, repulsion, pulsation, depressed, outlaw, compressed, resolved.


Daily prayer, with faith, helps to combat depression.


The worst depressant is one who does not want to get out of his depression.


Best way to cure depression is to go to Night with no hand money and panties on the floor


Sometimes I feel a deep depression and the more time advances over me the more depressed I become.


Depression-type depression, it was. But I healed faster than the Phoenix. What ails me one day, the other does not make me or tickles.


Depression: When the brain amputates the will to live.


“Depression is creating a situation and believing you cannot get out of it.”


It is difficult to give you with depression,
The soul seems to drown in a sea of ​​feelings.


Deliver me Lord …
From depression;
Of sadness;
Of the anguish;
Of sin;
Of disbelief.
Grant me …
Faith, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Courage, Patience, Wisdom and LOVE !!!


In the dead of night at dawn or in the depression or the emotion of any afternoon, whoever you are, respect your own changes and transitions, it can be painful to know that you do not please everyone, but it is refreshing to realize that you honor yourself. ”


People who use words like sharp swords are accomplices to depression.



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